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Learn about the first ever mobile application powered by a solid online portal for emergency response management


We advise governments in structuring policy and framework.


We serve corporations with consulting, training and technology integration.


Evacovation is a holistic technologically advanced solution for emergency response management.

Evacovation serves the entire matrix of emergency response management, seamlessly connecting the internal departments while externally connecting the relevant authorities through our Mobile APP and Online Portal..

Emergency Response Management Consulting

The cummulative team experience of Evacovation is over 200 years offering risk management, audit, consulting, procurement, policy and framework restructuring along with training.

Evacovation Mobile Application

For the first time ever, Evacovation has built a mobile application which seamlessly connects Chief Warden, Floor Wardens, Wardens and External Response Teams. It gives live information feed with predefined processes to follow.

Evacovation Online Portal

The backbone of Evacovation is its powerful online portal where ECL, site maps and a lot of information is stored which can be easily pulled out during or post emergency.

Cutting Edge Solution

Evacovation is here to disrupt for good.

Core benefits of Evacovation
  • Save Lives – seamless connectivity with all facing an emergency.
  • Save Time – Live information feed from all including the portal.
  • Save Money – A proactive approach to emergency response management.
  • Improve Continuously – Performance appraisal and training.
  • Easy Adaptability – independent of any special hardware deployment.
Positive Ratings
Evacovation Application

We have successfully delivered the next level of Emergency Response Management

Emergencies Portal Competitive Edge LMS Expertise

The Evacovation App caters to six core emergencies for which processes have been well defined.

This includes, Fire Emergency, Bomb Threat, Medical Emergency, Personal Threat, Active Shooters and External Emergency. Furthermore, there are two modules in the mobile application wherein one is for the Chief Warden and other is for Floor Wardens or Wardens. Both modules are connected during real time for status updates and seamless coordination.

The Evacovation portal is linked to the Evacovation mobile app from where key information is made available including ECL, EVAC diagrams and relevant nearby emergency response authorities. The entire data of emergency response teams are updated in the portal which has its own dashboard for users.

Evacovation is the first ever firm in the world to create a fully online and automated emergency response management system which is powered by a mobile app and an online portal. The firm offers the complete spectrum of services including audits, consulting, training and structuring policies.

The learning management system developed by Evacovation is state of the art which can be connected with the portal. It features the emergency ratings of the assets, equipment, staff and much more. It holds complete information about the previous history of drills, trainings and equipment. The Evacovation LMS can be customized for the client according to the requirements. It can manage different geographical locations simultaneously.

Evacovation has build a team of renowned emergency response experts internationally. The firm has the ability to serve regional and international clients. The cumulative experience of the team is more than 200 years bringing a wealth of knowledge about best practices and innovative solutions to the customers.

Our Leadership

Board Members


Rashid Khan

Founder & CEO

Bruce Beasley

Chief Emergency Compliance Officer and Advisory Board Member

Shafaat Hashmi

Chief Growth Officer and Advisory Board Member

Andrew Stark

Chief Risk Officer and Advisory Board Member

Shan Rahman

Chief Technology Officer

Our Engagement Process

Doing Business
with Evacovation

Evacovation has a simple five steps engagement process in general which may change depending on the scope of work or sector.

Training & Certifications

Specialized training through our accredited partner QFire

Evacovation offers a complete training module through our online portal which manages your training for emergency response management and submits analytical reports. Our training are conducted in partnership with an accredited partner QFire from Australia.

Emergency Control Organisation

The program is designed for emergency awareness and preparedness with site specific procedures

The Training Includes
Online resources
Onsite training

Fire Extinguisher Training / Fire Equipment

This program has been developed to meet the requirements of Building Fire Safety Regulations (BFSR)

The Training Includes
Learning Resources
Onsite training
Training with Fire Equipment

General and First Response Evacuation Instruction

Hands on instruction in the use of fire equipment done at your site by our highly qualified and experienced instructors

The Training Includes
Online resources
Onsite training
Hands on Training

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