“The old saying “first thing that breaks in an emergency is communication”.

The saying is so true as panic, physiological and psychological factors kick in to abstain the most crucial element “communication”.  Effective communication in such events saves lives. There are quite a few factors to be considered for emergency management communication. We have derived a small list as below

·      Relevance to the scenario.

·      Relevance to the phase of an emergency scenario.

·      Preciseness.

·      Authenticity of the receiver.

·      Availability of information.

·      Dynamic nature of information.


Evacovation is an emergency management solution company considering all the above mentioned factors and much more.


Reliability of such a system is most valuable element. Evacovation proudly partnered up with Alibaba Cloud services. A complete solution for not only the tasks and service hosting for such a valuable application but complete redundancy solution.

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