Evacovation is a journey of dreams and commitment to create a paradigm shift in the emergency response management sector. The corporation has adopted a holistic business approach to provide an all-inclusive, customized solutions for each client. The portal and mobile application is flexible to adopt changing policies and variations of structures.

It is imperative to fully comprehend the risks of any asset, site, person or community. Therefore, our engagement process at Evacovation starts from an audit and ends with a complete emergency response management system which is enabled through latest technology, regular trainings and performance monitoring.

Internally, Evacovation has deployed latest operating systems, doud servers, operational excellence and bespoke customer services to ensure seamless flow of business information and execution The information from each dient is coded and secured which is accessible to the authorized parties only. Furthermore, our research department keeps the pace with changing international laws and best practices to be adapted and regularly updated in both the portal and mobile application.

Each case study of test runs at the client site are monitored with an analytical report submitted to the client. It dearly identifies areas of improvement to help calibrate the performance of the app according to repeating scenarios. The consulting division of Evacovation may assist the dient on improved processes, equipment and emergency response management processes to improve efficiency.

Evacovation is launched with a purpose to modernize the emergency response systems globally and have them integrated vertically from the government level all the way to every household