Evacovation Mobile App

The Evacovation mobile application is assigned to emergency response personnel wherein they can easily register and login. The information is added into the portal and the user now has access to all the features depending on their position in the organization hierarchy. Every user has access to create or call an emergency which has to be duly approved by the Chief Warden. There are eight types of emergencies which can be created by any user and then the process flows as per the instructions and management by the Chief Warden.
The app has two interfaces between which the information flows real time, whereas the data is being fetched from the online portal. One of the interface is solely designed for Chief Warden who receives information from all wardens and has the authority to instruct, manage, monitor and terminate an emergency with other features as well. The other interface is for emergency response personnel who can initiate, update, communicate and monitor their relevant personnel while staying in regular communication with the Chief Warden.

This flow of information is a real breakthrough in the orthodox emergency management systems deployed globally. At majority of the places, the red phone is still being used for communication which may become inaccessible during a real emergency

Moreover, the personnel cannot be mobile to carry out tasks while clinging to the red phone mounted on the wall. Furthermore, there is no record keeping and the policies may not be followed. To ensure mobility, seamless communication and adherence to the process, the Evacovation app is the latest solution.

The Evacovation mobile application is available on both android and iOS platforms and does not require any additional hardware equipment or gadget to be purchased. The application has been designed with a well thought out user interface and user experience. The colors have been kept bright to ensure visibility in a smoky or dark environment. It takes minimal space and is light on the RAM to ensure the process is not stuck during real time emergency. Furthermore, the fonts are bold and clear, giving simplified and relevant real time information to users at all times during an emergency. All the correspondence during a test or a real emergency is recorded for observation and appraisal